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Heraklith offers the best all-in-one solution for many applications:
  • Underground garages

    Insulation for parking structure ceilings
    Underground garages

    Well-designed parking structures must serve the needs of both the structures themselves and the facilities to which they are attached, such as shopping malls or multi-story apartment buildings. These needs include thermal and acoustic insulation to inhibit heat and noise transfer through the parking ceiling and, most important, fire protection…

  • Basement ceilings

    Insulation for basement and garage ceilings
    Basement ceilings

    When insulating a single- or multi-family home, it is important to consider the heat-loss vulnerability in every area of the building including the basement ceiling, which can account for as much as 10% of the building energy loss, and the garage.

    Such insulation will provide fire protection while preventing heat…

  • External walls

    For external walls and facades
    External walls

    Studies show that external walls are responsible for approximately 25% of the heat loss in a building. Consequently, the thermal insulation of external walls and façades can greatly improve the thermal performance of the building, resulting in reduced energy use and increased comfort for its occupants.

  • Agricultural applications

    Airflow control insulation for agricultural applications
    Agricultural applications

    Airflow control plays a critical role in maintaining healthy environments for stabled or penned animals, such as pigs. That is why it is necessary to consider airflow control carefully when specifying insulation for such environments and why Heraklith offers Heraklith Agro board wood wool insulation for agricultural applications.

  • Acoustic barriers

    Acoustic insulation for motorways and railroad tracks
    Acoustic barriers

    Motorways and railroad tracks can constitute significant sources of noise pollution from automobile and train traffic, which is why their responsible construction and management requires the use of acoustic insulation. Such insulation should be able to absorb and reflect sound, as necessary, to protect surrounding neighborhoods from excessive levels of…

  • Others

    Pitched roof, technical-room insulation and wooden frame construction

    Pitched Roof Applications
    Heraklith wood wool insulation boards comprise durable, fire resistant thermal and acoustic insulation solutions for pitched roof applications, thereby providing an all-in-one insulation solutions. They are easy to install and provide an attractive finish for any room that is to be used as a living space.

  • Technical-room insulation

    Technical-room insulation
    Technical-room insulation

    Technical Room Insulation
    Heraklith offers a special product line of wood wool insulation materials for technical rooms the Tektalan product range, which…