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Heraklith wood wool insulation has earned its honoured status as the all-in-one solution for a wide array of real world applications across Europe and beyond, and we have the references to prove it. Most of our customers choose our wood wool insulation boards not only for their superior thermal and acoustic insulation properties but because of their fire resistance, durability, and eco-friendliness. And the fact that the boards are easy to install is an added bonus.

  • Calve stable Peuerbach (Austria)

    In 2014, the management of a calf stable in Peuerbach, Austria performed construction modifications intended to improve the conditions of their stable environments and the health of the animals that live in them.
    Among the most important design considerations were air flow and ventilation - which are critical to the…

  • Office parking garage Mont-Saint-Guibert (Belgium)

    Building regulations in Belgium currently require that the ground floor of office buildings with underground parking garages must be insulated to protect the office space from an outbreak of fire in the garage.
    Such insulation must provide both thermal and fire protection for at least two hours.

  • Transformer station (Austria)

    Every electrical transformer produces an audible, low-frequency hum during normal operation. Consequently, transformers that are located in populated areas must be housed in enclosures designed to contain the noise and protect the surrounding neighbourhoods from exposure.

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  • Music club Klatovy (Czech Republic)

    In 2012, Liboš Pitule set out to create a music club called „U Košile“ in a building that had formerly served as a shirt factory. In designing the club, architect Josef Černý needed to ensure that stage was acoustically insulated in a way that produced high quality sound in…

  • IKEA – Obchodní Centrum Černý Most (Czech Republic)

    In 2013, the Černý Most shopping mall underwent a significant expansion, including the shopping area of the furniture producer IKEA. In addition to the work done above ground, the expansion involved work in the underground garage, which needed to be insulated for both acoustics and fire resistance, especially in…

  • Bülow Carré parking garage (Germany)

    In 2014, Bülow Carré in Stuttgart - a modern, high-end property with offices, shops and restaurants - required garage ceiling insulation that protected against thermal and fire while contributing to a comfortable atmosphere in its 300-space underground parking facility. Such insulation is necessary not only for the comfort of those…

  • DNV GL Group office Hamburg (Germany)

    When selecting materials for the construction of an underground parking garage, it is necessary to take into account the federal and local ordinances that set requirements for fire resistance. In the case of a large garage constructed as part of the DNV GL Group Headquarters in Hamburg in 2011, the…

  • Green roof system office building Oosterhout (Netherlands)

    In 2013, the management at the Knauf Insulation plant in Oosterhout set out to create an environmentally friendly “green roof” system on one of its office buildings. To do so, they needed to come up with a design that would be strong enough to walk on yet demonstrate superior drainage…

  • Pigsty (Austria)

    In 2013, the management of a pigsty in Bachmanning, Austria modified their facilities to improve the conditions of their environments and the health of the pigs that are housed in them. When preparing for the modifications, the planners and designers took special consideration of the air flow and ventilation in…

  • Congress Center Hamburg (Germany)

    When the Congress Centre Hamburg (CCH) was expanded and modernised in 2007, insulation was a high priority for the building planners. They considered it especially important to use flame-resistant and non-combustible insulation that combined heat-insulating and sound-absorbing characteristics on the ceilings and walls of the logistics basement, delivery zone,…

  • Parking garage Roermond (Netherlands)

    Retail parc

    The retail parc is a shopping mall with a large parking garage for 1200 vehicles. The garage is totally fixed with Heraklith combi EPS in white. The combination panels with EPS provide a thermal, acoustic and aesthetic ceiling finishing.

  • Parking garage Amsterdam (Netherlands)

    Project IJburg block 45

    In the parking garage IJburg, block 45, the ceilings are fixed with combination panels with EPS in white and natural. The walls are covered with orange/ red for a warm entrance. The combined panels take care of an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.


  • Bundeswehr hospital (Germany)

    Technical area of hospital

    The technical area of the hospital is insulated with coloured wood wool panels in orange (RAL 2011) and blue (RAL 5012).


  • Dockland office building (Germany)


    Insulation of the technical area with wood wool panels.

  • IKEA parking garage (Netherlands)


    The ceilings of the parking garage underneath the IKEA in Breda are fully covered with wood wool panels. The wood wool panels create a great sounds absorption in the garage. The IKEA locations in Amersfoort, Delft and Groningen are also fit with wood wool panels.

  • Private print house (Czech Republic)

    When Czech architect Ivan Kroupa set out to design a printing house, he was faced with a problem - how to insulate the external walls in a way that would fit in with the sleek, industrial look that his client desired for the building.
    He needed material that would perform…