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Launch new packaging production line Heraklith wood wool

Launch new packaging production line Heraklith wood wool

In order to even better answer the market needs and increase the service level, Knauf Insulation Oosterhout (Netherlands) has installed a new packaging line in its wood wool factory beginning 2011. On the 27th of April, the production line was officially opened by Managing Director Benelux Marc Malherbe de Juvigny, Plantmanager John van Eijk and Technical Director Wood Wool Joachim Wieltschnig.

The transfer to a new packaging line for Wood Wool is another step towards uniformity within Knauf Insulation and supports our commitment to provide the customer with high-quality products. Since the integration of the different Wood Wool plants, several packaging concepts were presented to the customers. In 2009, a project team was defined to introduce a fully automated, efficient way of packaging for all production sites, with two main goals; the branding and imaging of Heraklith and a high-quality delivery of Wood Wool with protection of the products.

This new packaging line improves not only the efficiency of production, but also enables to provide packed panels with a consistent quality. The finished Wood Wool products stacked on pallets go directly to the new packaging line. At first, a cardboard top sheet with Heraklith branding is fitted over the panels. Then the pallet is provided with two straps to avoid shifting of the panels on the pallet. To protect the edges of the Wood Wool boards, a corner protector is applied automatically. Next, the pallet is sealed with a stretchfoil with holes, to ensure the durability of the packaging and to evaporate the moisture from the boards. In the end, the product label is automatically secured onto the pallet.

After a test phase of a couple of months, the benefits of the new packaging line are incontestable. Not only the capacity of the production is higher, the efficiency is increased in many ways. Compared to the manual operation, the packaging is much faster and the continuing quality of the packed panels is improved.